Multi Level Marketing Questra World Is Dominating Various Social Media Sites!

A video on the Questra World site identifies Jose Manuel Gilabert as CEO of the business. Besides that, no details about Questra World’s management is offered.

mlm for meQuestra MLM is a company just starting to trend. Their address is in Madrid, Spain is likewise provided on the Questra World website.

The very same address appears on AirBnB (as a one bed room apartment or condo) for $45 a night.

The Questra World website domain (””) was signed up on the 30th of June. Questra Holdings is noted as the domain owner.

Questra World appears to have been at first launched as Questra Holdings in mid 2015. Questra Holdings utilized the domain “”, which today is non-responsive.

In September 2016 Belgium’s Financial Solutions and Markets Authority provided a regulatory warning against Questra Holdings. This is not direct sales it’s MLM.

Questra Holdings is not a licensed investment firm or credit organization in Belgium. It is therefore not permitted to supply banking and/or investment services in or from Belgium.

The system proposed by Questra Holdings has every look of being of a pyramidal type or at least of a Ponzi scams.

Whether this lead to the Questra World name-change is uncertain.

Potentially due to language barriers, I was unable to discover any further info on Jose Manuel Gilabert (MLM related or otherwise).

As constantly, if an MLM business is not honestly upfront about who is running or owns it, believe long and difficult about signing up with and/or handing over any loan.

The Questra World Product Line
Questra World has no retailable product and services, with affiliates just able to market Questra World affiliate subscription itself.

The Questra World Settlement Strategy
The Questra World settlement plan sees affiliates purchase eleven plans, on the guarantee of an average weekly ROI.

There are eleven affiliate ranks within the Questra World settlement plan.

Together with their particular credentials criteria, they are as follows:

A unilevel compensation structure positions an affiliate at the top of a unilevel group, with every personally hired affiliate positioned straight under them (level 1):.


If any level 1 affiliates hire new affiliates, they are put on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel group.

If any level 2 affiliates hire new affiliates, they are put on level 3 and so on etc down a theoretical boundless variety of levels.

Commissions are paid out as a portion of funds invested by affiliates in a unilevel group.

If an affiliate is not at that Platinum Director or higher rank, they are paid their relevant percentage. The system then browses further up the upline to pay what remains of the overall 15% payment.

Eg. You are a Bronze Agent and recruit a new VIP affiliate (EUR100,000 EUR).

Your referral commission rate is 7%, so you are paid EUR7000 EUR.

This leaves 8% of the total 15% created, which has to be paid to a Silver Representative and higher ranked affiliates.

The Questra World system starts browsing the upline for a Silver Agent or higher ranked affiliate.

The first it discovers is a Bronze Director. A Bronze Director’s recommendation rate is 13%. 7% has currently been paid out to you so they receive the difference of 6%.

Of the overall 15%, 2% stays to be paid.

The Questra World system continues to browse the upline for a Silver, Gold, Platinum, Handling or Super Director to pay the remaining 2% out to.

If a Silver Director (14%) is found, the system pays out 1% and look for higher ranked affiliates to pay the staying 1% out to.

If a Gold Director (14.5%) is discovered, the system pays 1.5% and look for a higher ranked affiliate to pay the staying 0.5% out to.

If a Platinum, Managing or Super Director is discovered, the system pays the remaining 2% and stop browsing.

Note that Platinum, Handling and Super Directors get the complete 15% referral commission rate on all deposits made by personally recruited affiliates.

As the full amount is paid out to these affiliates, no coded bonus offer is paid upline.

Interest Free Loan.
Questra World affiliates at the Gold Director and higher ranks can look for an interest free loan.

The Questra World website specifies the loan must be put to real estate or a vehicle.

25% of the price of the real estate or vehicle need to be paid by the affiliate. Questra World deal to pay the staying 75% over a duration of 5 years (automobile) or Ten Years (property).

Repayments on the loan are gotten of a Questra World affiliate’s commissions.

Signing up with Questra World.

Questra World affiliate membership is connected to financial investment in among eleven strategies:.

Requirement– EUR90 to EUR999,999 EUR.
White– EUR90 EUR.
Yellow– EUR270 EUR.
Green– EUR810 EUR.
Blue– EUR2430 EUR.
Red– EUR7290 EUR.
Black– EUR21,870 EUR.
Indigo– EUR65,610 EUR.
VIP– EUR100,000 EUR.
VIP Gold– EUR250,000 EUR.
VIP Platinum– EUR500,000 EUR.
The primary difference between the above plans is earnings potential through the Questra World compensation strategy.

Although provided in somewhat of a complicated matter, Questra World’s payment plan is simple enough.

Questra World affiliates invest up to EUR999,999 EUR on the pledge of weekly Return of investments.

The only verifiable source of earnings getting in Questra World is affiliate revenue. Making use of new affiliate earnings to settle existing affiliates makes Questra World a Ponzi plan.

One thing I observed is that almost every video on the main Questra World YouTube channel is titled in Russian. This struck me as unusual for a purportedly Spanish business.

I dug a little deeper and came across a marketing presentation on the Questra World site.

Oddly enough the presentation begin by marketing Atlantic Global Asset Management.

Questra World claim to be an “marketing broker” with “exclusive rights” to promote Atlantic Global Possession Management.

Atlantic Global Property Management have investment plans of their own, providing weekly ROIs of up to 6.47% on deposits of up to EUR500,000 EUR.

The company maintains a site over at “”.

Atlantic Global Possession Management claim to generate ROI income through the organizing and conducting of IPOs, nevertheless absolutely nothing particularly links ROI payments to IPOs.


Leave aside that if Atlantic Global Asset Management were able to regularly generate 300% to 500% ROIs in 7 to 8 months, they ‘d have no need to solicit financial investment from affiliates.

The CEO of Atlantic Global Asset Management is pointed out as Andrey Andreevich Abakumov:.


This seems Questra World’s link to Russia.

No information outside of Abakumov’s participation with Questra World and Atlantic Global Possession Management exists.

Antonino Vieira Robalo is pointed out as President of Atlantic Global Asset Management’s “President of the Fund”.

Documents in the presentation recommend Atlantic Global Possession Management have actually included themselves in Cabo Verde.

Cabo Verde, likewise referred to as Cape Verde, is a remote island country of the west coast of Africa. It has a population of about 500,000.

Antonino Robalo is Questra World’s link to Cabo Verde. Otherwise the business does not appear to have any physical presence there.

EcoBank, who Atlantic Global Possession Management claim is “the biggest bank in Cabo Verde”, is supposedly who they wash invested affiliate funds through.

When we put all of this together, we get Russian fraudsters utilizing Spanish puppets to front their Ponzi scheme. Funds are washed through a remote African island bank, which is not likely to journey money laundering filters.

None of this even from another location suggests any genuine business activity is happening throughout either Russia, Spain or Cabo Verde.

Just like all Ponzi schemes, Questra World will collapse when recruitment of new affiliates dies out.

The extremely long maturity period of financial investments (365 days) indicates Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management and other names they go by, will collapse long in the past affiliates understand their cash is gone.


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